Is CCTV Enough for Your Home Security?

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What makes a home security solution complete?

 When it comes to the latest mobile phone, gadgets, home appliances, or even cars; a lot of us are early adopters. We all like to be the first to have our hands on these technologies. Haven’t you compared your new smart TV with your neighbour’s? Your new SUV with that of your friend’s sedan or the other way round?

 When we have these positive competitive spirits for luxury commodities, then why do we still dwell in the century-old technologies when it comes to the security of our house!

 Security of our home is our utmost importance, but we still incorporate outdated measures to safeguard our home and family. We have outlined the latest in security technology in this blog that will convince you that you are resorting to outdated measures for security.

 Which stage of ‘security evolution’ are you in currently?

It started with fencing the shacks with thorns moving on to city walls and huge castle doors; now we have padlocks on doors which slowly progressed to knob locks or lever handle locks which are prevalent in urban India. The more advanced version of door locks now is electronic and biometric door locks.

 People have moved from watching out for each other’s neighbourhood to having private security guards of their own. The latest what we all observe is CCTVs, video door phones, and basic alarm systems. But, if you rely on padlocks and your neighbourhood for your home security, you have a long way to go.

 CCTV is Outdated

Did you know, the first CCTV was installed and used in 1942 in Germany by Siemens to monitor rocket launches. From the year 1949, CCTVs were started to be used commercially. It did not have a recording and storage facility back then; it had to be monitored manually by a person sitting in front of the screen.

 Today, CCTV can record, but that means you are just doing the record keeping. Security guards monitoring the CCTV footage will have the attention span of a squirrel (no offence). If the responsibility of monitoring lies with you, you better be ready with all the emergency hotlines in your mobile speed dial. Therefore we say – If you have a security guard with CCTV installed at your home, it is still not enough.

 Every day when you greet your disarmed security guard, one question must always be coming to your head –

 “What can this guy do if someone breaks in?!”

 We all know your private security guard in all probability can only witness the crime and he cannot do much about it. Likewise, CCTV cameras can be used by civic authorities for post-crime analysis alone.

 The need of the hour is to have a security system which is intelligent enough to alarm, monitor and give a prompt response as well as inform the concerned civic authorities to take further action. What we at VProtect like to call – Alert Based Security Solution.

 Efficient Security Solutions should have ‘alarm,’ ‘monitoring’ and ‘response’ mechanism

A security solution monitors your home using IP cameras, smoke/heat detectors, motion detectors, magnetic door contact, siren and many others connected with a centralized control panel form an integrated network of an alert based security solution. Monitoring from such a system can even be done remotely over a smartphone or a tablet. Some of the security devices are – 

Motion Viewers: Detects motion in the event of any intrusion and sends visuals to the monitoring centre.

 Motion Detectors: Device detects any movement at your home and triggers a possible action, such as capturing video footage or alarming the owner of an intrusion.

 Smoke / Heat detectors: Device has sensors which detect a fire or rising smoke in the house.

 Distress Keyfob: Device used to arm or disarm the alarm system as well as send a distress signal wirelessly.

 Magnetic Door Contacts: A crucial element of a security system which notifies the owner if any door or window is opened when the system is armed.

 IP cameras: Provides live streaming of your premises and stores video footage on the cloud which can be accessed anytime.

 Wearable Panic Buttons: Provides emergency alert. In the event of a personal emergency, pressing the panic button can send distress signals; ideal for senior citizens.

 Role of the response team in home security

In spite of having all these devices, what happens when any intrusion/emergency/ unforeseen situation arises? Dealing with any such situation lies with you, right? Not when the security solution comes with a response team, which is ready to take prompt action, even when you are miles away!

 Response teams are civic authorities such as the Police Department, Fire Department, Emergency Services, etc. The challenge with civic authorities is – someone needs to report to them to take action in case of any incident. Delay in reporting or delay in response by these civic bodies can be catastrophic. What can be the solution to this problem?

 A security system ought to communicate with the response team.

Currently, there is no way your home security system which has all required devices like – IP Cameras, smoke or motion detectors, can communicate with any of the civic authorities in India. 

 The response team can only take prompt action if the security systems swiftly communicate with them. This communication is the new addition to the evolution of the security system – a response team which works alongside with the security system. This intermediary response team tries to tackle the emergency situation and also informs civic authorities when necessary. The intermediary response team attempts to handle the situation by the time civic authority reaches your location.

 Why is the response team integral in a security solution?

Crime is increasing day by day, so are the insecurities. Rising crime has resulted in an increased level of stress and fear of being a victim of crime. Consequently, the installation of burglar alarms and other security equipment at home and offices have become a common practice. These systems can be vandalized, dysfunction or remain unheard by your neighbourhood; putting you and your loved ones in a precarious situation. It is also not necessary that you will get an immediate response from the local authorities. In such circumstances, getting an initial response from a well-equipped team of personnel can be a life saviour.


Security guards are becoming unreliable by each passing day. Your Dog may be your best friend but in the event of a robbery or fire etc. it can do little. With the increasing crime rates, it is imperative to have an alert based security system installed at your home which provides the response within 15 minutes.

 Your security system should be efficient, intelligent and updated just as you are. After all, this is the least we can do to take care of our loved ones, ourselves and for our prized possessions.