Are Wireless Security Alarm Systems worth the hype?

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Safety, whether outside or at home, is always a concern. With increasing cases of break-in and theft being reported from all over the country, homeowners are giving top-most priority to security. One important part of home security is the alarm system, which immediately alerts the residents if there is a break-in. Alarm systems are highly effective and go a long way in preventing many crimes. They are also installed at office premises for safety.

Till recently, most houses and offices made use of the traditional alarm systems to keep bad elements away. The traditional alarm system has its pros and cons. While it is effective in securing the premises, people at home and office will be troubled by an alarm system, which has wires running all over the place. The traditional alarm system is a hard-wired system, which requires wires to be interconnected between components. While this type of alarm system will do its job efficiently, it causes inconvenience to the people around. This is why more homes and offices are turning to wireless security alarm systems for round-the-clock effective protection.

Security alarm systems that are wireless are now at the forefront of wireless technology ensuring that our homes are safe while we sleep peacefully. There are numerous advantages of switching from traditional alarm systems to wireless alarm systems. Some of these find a mention below:

 1) Cable-free: The first and foremost advantage of setting up a wireless alarm system is that it has no cables. When such a security system is in place, you do not have to worry about tripping over cables, which in the traditional alarm system would have been everywhere. A cable-free wireless security system also brings down the accidents caused by cable trips. All-in-all, a cable-less security system is highly recommended.

 2) Economically viable: Wireless security alarm systems are certainly more economically viable than the traditional alarm system. This is because the installation costs are reduced as the time required is less. The time and effort spent in setting up a traditional alarm system are much more so naturally, the costs would also be higher. Another reason why wireless alarm systems work better for the pocket is that it covers larger areas at higher speeds thus providing more security at lesser costs.

 3) Easily adaptable: The wireless security alarm system installed at homes has the advantage of being easily adjustable to any changes. They can easily be moved from one place to another without much difficulty. This feature comes in handy if one is shifting residences. Imagine changing homes with many tangled cables! Such issues can be avoided by working with home security systems that are wireless.

 Another example of their adaptability is that they can work easily with other devices like motion sensors, camera, and remote control/access systems to provide the best wireless security alarm systems possible. This adaptability feature gives more brownie points to the wireless system in comparison to the traditional alarm system.

4) Damage proof: A major disadvantage of the traditional alarm systems installed at homes is that they can easily be tampered with or damaged. This is because they are open and easily accessible. The solution to this problem is the installation of wireless alarm systems as they are tamper and damage proof because they do not have any open wires and thus cannot be destroyed. This helps the house owner save up a lot on maintenance costs.

 5) Runs on battery: Almost all the wireless alarm systems run on battery thus they can function even if there is no electricity available. Most of the traditional wired alarm systems do not run on battery power and are completely dependent on electricity. Running on primarily battery power works out well for the house owner as he can have 24 hours protection. If using an alarm system running on battery then you must check that the batteries are regularly checked so that there are no issues.

 So now that you know all the benefits of using wireless security alarm systems, why not get in touch with Vprotect India for a consultation about your security requirements?