Different Types of Home Security for Your Protection


Having an alert based home alarm system is integral to your home’s safety and can be one of the most convenient ways to ensure that your property and family are fully protected. There are many different types of alarm systems, so you should choose one most convenient for you and your lifestyle. You can protect your most prized possessions with one or more of the following security systems.

Traditional vs. Monitored Alarms

These are the two most common types of alarm systems today. While they both provide services but costs different to install, there are some key differences in the way they protect your property and family. Read on to see how they differ.

Traditional Alarms

These are the alarms you see in cartoons as a kid. The loud, audio-based alarms that don’t really do much but make a noise to signal, “Hey! You were caught!” This is the most basic alarm system and is recommended for even the smallest properties.

These alarms sound at the property only, alerting both the occupants and the intruders. This system relies on the homeowner to deal with any intruders by calling the police or using a legally obtained firearm or another protective device. However, the police may only attend if there is evidence that a crime was or is being committed.

Monitored Alarms

Monitored alarms are slightly different as, after the alarm sounds, a signal is sent to the monitoring centre where officials and your nominated keyholders (if any are specified) are contacted. Once a key-holder is contacted, they will have the choice of whether to dispatch help or not. If there is no response, the officials will come anyway.

This is helpful for making sure you feel safe, but it is more expensive than a traditional alarm. Visits from officials are usually included in monthly maintenance cost, so you have to be careful with your decision.

Wireless vs. Hard-Wired Alarms

Both monitored and traditional alarm systems are available in wireless or hard-wired options. There are specifics for each type of alarm, so read on to see how to customize your alarm to your lifestyle.

Wireless Alarms

These systems allow homeowners to monitor their homes remotely so you are able to use mobile devices to manage your home alarm system. This is great if you are away from your home frequently. You will also receive texts and emails regarding the security status of your home. Wireless alarm systems are available at many major security firms, including VProtect India.

Hard wired

This system is wired into the electrics of your home, making it slightly more reliable, but it does mean that you will not have the option of monitoring the situation remotely. The installation company conceals the wiring to prevent intruders from seeing your system. You can control the system via keypad and panel, and you can add extra features such as window or door sensors to detect people entering your home.

When considering to buy an alarm system, remember to think about your budget and type of property. If you live in a small apartment and don’t make much money, you will not want to get a CCTV system – however, getting even a small traditional alarm could be beneficial.