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Do you know who is coming to your home when you are out?
Do you know if your house help is entering your bedroom in your absence?

Intrusion is usually the first step to an attempted theft or burglary. An intrusion into your privacy can also occur because of your house help in your absence. VProtect’s Motion Viewer or Magnetic Door Sensor can solve this issue with ease. Our ever-ready monitoring and response team, supported by state of the art monitoring station and trained manpower on the field, is there to avert any preliminary attempts at invading your premises. VProtect is the preferred partner for providing security solutions to societies, residences and offices.

intrusion detection system


While you are out working to support your family, who takes care of your valuables at your home?

Theft is one of the most common crimes these days. It is not just restricted to outsiders, but people within your premises, including but not limited to househelp can also be involved. At VProtect, we take measures to ensure we deter, detect or prevent such scenarios from happening via our man-tech based smart security solutions.

anti theft alarm


Burglary is SCARY! It not only causes loss of valuables but can also put you and your loved ones’ life at risk.

Burglary is one of the most feared crimes by anyone who has elders or valuables at home. To be safe from any of the scenarios associated with burglary, you need immediate detection and response solutions to back you up. With VProtect, you can stay assured with our quick backup and response team.

burglar alarm


Who takes care of your loved ones in case you are not at home?
What if there is a medical emergency at your premises?
Do you have an assured way for your parents/kids to get first aid quickly? (in case of emergency)

Medical emergencies can occur at any time. Not knowing what to do in most of the medical conditions, an average person may delay the first aid or medical response for the patient. VProtect ensures safety in times of medical emergencies. You can get direct access to our response team via our Panic button. Whether you are feeling uneasy or wish someone to assist you or take you to get medical help, you can rely on us.

medical security system


Imagine you are out on a trip and a fire breaks out in your house. Who will take care of your premises?

Fire can breakout anywhere and anytime. Most of the premises, especially the residential premises are not covered with any fire certification. Thus, it makes it very difficult for them to get any safety at times of fire outbreaks. If this happens, VProtect heat and smoke detectors will initiate the alarm in your premises.

The devices will notify both the response team and the fire and rescue authorities. VProtect’s response team arrives early, equipped with devices and tools to extinguish the fire and safeguard you and your family.
VProtect’s fire and smoke detectors work 24×7 without any interruption. The devices can’t be turned off, even if you disarm the entire unit.

fire alarm system


Do you sometimes feel unsafe at your premises and wish someone was there with you?

In case you’re feeling uneasy about anything and if you feel that someone is roaming around your premises, you can raise a Panic Alarm with the help of the Keyfob or Keypad. Also, our security detectors and sensors monitor your premises to check for an oddball situation. Upon detection of a suspicious event, we immediately get in touch with you for confirmation and take action within seconds.

anti theft alarm
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