Are CCTV Cameras Effective in Protecting Your Home?

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With crime rates increasing in Gurgaon, it has become imperative for every individual to think about security measures. According to a National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) survey, 25 per cent of all crimes registered in major Indian cities that fell under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) took place in the Delhi National Capital Region (NCR). IPC crimes include murder, dacoity, theft, and crimes against women and children.

We implement all possible security measures to protect our homes and families, but are these instruments effective enough?

There are a multitude of basic home security solutions in the market such as CCTV cameras, landline or phone monitoring solutions, door or windows sensors, and glass break detectors. Most camera systems are used to record and prevent anti-social behaviours such as traffic violations, littering, fighting, and illegal parking.

Some people believe that a high number of cameras results in less crime. However, do you realize that CCTV cameras can record the mishappenings and advanced systems can alert you, but can’t prevent the undesirable event? These security measures can catch people who committed the crime but do not help in the prevention of criminal activities. Furthermore, these cameras need to be maintained from time to time to verify they have not been hampered by the potential criminals. Additionally, it is important to ensure CCTV cameras are being used ethically and not interfering with people’s privacy.

According to a recent study by Brighton University’s Health and Social Policy Research Centre, use of CCTV cameras does not deter criminals, in fact, it leads to an increase in violence and disorder in the area.

The study sheds light on how the safety of people is at risk and the critical need for advanced home security systems rather than the installation of basic CCTV cameras. It has been seen that Indian Government authorities have been investing heavily on CCTV cameras due to the increasing number of grievous global events. Unfortunately, these installations are being done without any planned regulations, so such investments are not resulting in substantial protection nor leading to a drop in India’s crime rate.

Are these primary surveillance solutions effective enough to ensure the security of your home and loved ones?

Who do you trust while leaving your elderly parents or family at home?

Would a rudimentary alert system be able to prevent criminal activities?

The matter of the fact is that we need a better security solution that can detect, monitor, alert, as well as respond to a security event in minimum time. A smart security solution is one that can monitor, respond, instantly notify civic authorities during emergencies, provide doorstep response and uninterrupted security. 

To sum up, an advanced security system should protect you and make your life comfortable while not violating your privacy.