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24*7, 365 days uninterrupted security


Largest AI enabled Alarm Receiving Center in India


Threat verification and responsive action

Security 4.0 – Technology enabled security

VProtect offers AI-enabled intrusion detection and response services. Our devices are manufactured in Israel, tested in Global laboratories, and approved by the Indian Department of Telecommunication. All wireless devices have an approved ETA License from the WPC, Wing of the Ministry of Communications.

We operate MASterMind security solution software, which is one of the most advanced alarms, monitoring, and response platforms in the world.

Our Response Officers are professionally trained to handle any events related to intrusion, theft, burglary and to provide emergency response during medical, fire and panic situations.

We have a strong liasoning with civic authorities, namely the Police, Fire department, and Hospitals/Paramedics.

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Our Goal

With VProtect, we aim to eradicate these
six common threats from your life:

Why Us

Because there is
no one like us

VProtect offers SMART Security Solutions integrating an AI-Enabled Monitoring platform along with Human Interface, which is reliable and responsive during an emergency.

We create customized Security and Surveillance Solutions using onsite security assessment. Our Security Solutions are user-friendly and cost-effective.

We secure your premises 24*7, 365 days.

  • Smart

    Easy to Install, Operate and Maintain
    Flexibility to operate your system remotely using mobile app

  • Reliable

    100% redundancy for network and power
    Global Standards

  • Responsive

    Response within 60 Seconds
    Emergency response 24*7, 365 days
    Liasoning with Civic Authorities (Police, Fire and Ambulance)

  • Affordable

    Cost Effective Solutions @ Rs 100/day*

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One app to map, track, arm and disarm your security system

  • MAP

    Control devices of all zones of your premises from your app

  • ARM

    Activate all sensors and security of your premises


    To track if all sensors are working properly


    Deactivate all sensors and security of your premises

app security solutions

protection for
your premises

Every industry faces different kinds of security threats. We customize man-tech-based security solutions for all types of industries.

Our Devices

We ensure 24*7, 365 days uninterrupted security monitoring of your premises with the help of our world-class Alarm Monitoring System. Our devices are highly encrypted and compliant with Global standards.


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Are you Protected?

Here are some of the most common scenarios you may face if you don’t have a security intelligence service like VProtect.

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