24/7 Alarm, Monitoring & Response solution

Home Security at 100 rupees/day only

Portable device to send a distress signal

Trained Human Response in minutes

Who we are

Who are we

VProtect, India’s first and only alarm, monitoring, and quick response system for home and office protection. Our security system first detects the intrusion and then immediately notifies the closest trained Response Officer. He reaches at your doorstep in minutes to stop the intruder. 

Free Assessments

Since every structure is different, we provide free home security audit to arrive at the best-fit home protection solution.

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How It Works


VProtect plates indicate that your house is under supreme protection.


The wireless sensor’s constant vigilance immediately detects any sign of intrusion.


The security system provides uninterrupted monitoring of your premises.


The team of trained response officers perform beat patrolling in your area.

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