Effective Ways to Defend your Home against Intruders

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The crime is increasing day by day around the world, so are the insecurities of people. This has also resulted in an increased level of stress and round the clock fear of being a victim of thieves and other criminal minds. Consequently, the installation of burglar alarms, and other security equipment at home and offices have become a common practice in almost every city and town in the world.

 According to the survey, nearly 12% of the population in Gurgaon become a victim of a burglary in a month. When something like this happens to someone, the fear of happening things again grows much stronger among the victims.  Such people feel like a handicap who cannot do anything to fulfil the loss. If you have recently gone through this experience, then you must have felt that your whole life has turned upside down. As a matter of fact, there is nothing you can do for the loss, but can certainly get yourself prepared for the next time by employing additional security.

 If you want to keep your home safe from intruders who may want to enter, destroy, or take your property and harm your family, you must be vigilant. Follow these fundamental strategies and you will be able to fortify your home against break-ins. With an investment, you can make your home more secure. This is because the best protection for your home, property, and family simply involves a bit of common sense and smart thinking.

 Choose your location wisely. Part of home security depends on where you live. So it makes sense to purchase a home in the best neighbourhood your money can buy.  Although real estate agents can help point you in the right direction, you must also do your own research before buying property. You can find crime statistics online so you can determine which the safest locations are and vice versa.

 You can also spend time in a neighbourhood which interests you. Observe the houses if they have alarms on doors, CCTVs installed, and bars on their windows. These things are good indications of how safe a neighbourhood is.

 Once you have settled into a nice place, you must make sure that your home is secure by checking the windows and doors. If you think that the door is not sturdy enough, you should invest in a better front door. There are various high-security doors available but they may be very costly but are a lot better than other types of doors which burglars can easily get past.

 Refrain from hiding your spare key under doormats, in flowerpots and under rocks. Burglars are very familiar with this practice and will be looking at these places. Instead, you should give your spare key to a trusted neighbour or family member.  Make it a practice to check the locks on the doors and windows before you go to sleep. Never open your door to uninvited strangers. Children must also be taught this.

 Give your home that lived-in look. If you plan on travelling with the family, you must cultivate that lived-in look. Burglars love empty homes. Before you go on your vacation, notify all your subscriptions so that newspapers and magazines will not pile up on your doorstep or porch.  Make your home look as if you’ll only be gone for a very short time. Consider how your home will look from the outside and avoid the common mistakes which invite burglars in.

 Secure the perimeter. You can replace your porch lights and other outdoor lights with motion-sensor lights. Erecting a fence will help create a psychological boundary which helps in deterring would-be intruders. If you live in a neighbourhood with a considerable crime rate, you may want a complete alarm based security system. You should also install an alarm with the worst god-awful noise to keep burglars away.

 A happy home is one which is safe and secure – so learn how to keep intruders away.


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